Scat, Cat! (My First I Can Read)

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It was a striped cat. It was a lost cat.

More Great My First I Can Read BOOKS

The cat walked and walked. The rest of the book consists of of dogs, cats, bakers, barbers, and other critters and people telling kitty to SCAT! The small cat ends up sitting on a chair and being greeted by a boy with food in hand in the morning. The story will probably appeal to young children, but personally it got me down. It probably doesn't pay to over-analyze a children's primer lol but that's a lot of rejection. This book would actually be a good one to share with little ones.

There are quite a few animals to point out, and careers to introduce. Animals include dogs, cats, pidgeons, duck, geese, frog, owl, bat and more. People include the barber and baker mentioned previously, as well as a bus driver. I thought the ending was strange. It sort of runs contrary to the idea we were given that the kitten has no home. Again, too much analysis is a silly thing. Feb 08, Drew Slanina rated it really liked it Shelves: ages , easy-to-read-books , realistic-fiction , exploring-public-library.

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The book Scat, Cat is a basic, and beginning reading level book for children. This book is based on a cat trying to find its way home. A long the way, the cat encounters numerous people and animals that tell the cat to go home. The cat eventually finds its way home to his owner. The story is good, because it uses repetitive words that allow the child to repeat, and memorize the words in the story. Nov 20, Kimberly rated it liked it. This book is very cute. I think that it would be hard for me to recommend it to anyone because I don't like sad things.

The majority of the book is sad. Being true to YA, it has a happy ending.


Dec 12, Bailey Marissa rated it liked it Shelves: children , read-in A story about a cat trying to find his way home. Oct 13, Marissa Sansone added it. Title : Scat, Cat! Brief Book Summary : The cat in the book is lost and cannot find his home. I Can Read Book series. The protagonist is told: "Scat, cat! In a satisfying twist, it turns out that he has returned home. Simple vocabulary and lots of repetition combine with warm, expressive illustrations to tell an engaging story.

There was a cat.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Clean Scat Chews - Customer Reviews -

Everyone who sees it says, Scat, cat! And the cat moves on, walking through town and encountering the dog, the pigeon, the barber, the baker, the school-bus driver, and so on and on. After nightfall, the cat meets several nocturnal animals before curling up on a porch and falling asleep. In the morning, a boy opens the door and welcomes his cat home with a food dish.

The brief encounters enable readers to concentrate on decoding without having to remember plot twists, and the final scene is quite satisfying. Meisels simple, in-and-watercolor illustrations have their own scruffy charm, particularly for animal lovers.

Grades K Response to Two Professional Reviews : Both of these reviews are relatively positive. They commend not only the charming story and illustrations, but also the way in which the book is written.

Scat, Cat!

It is easy for young readers to understand, and the book ends in the way that you want it to. Evaluation of Literary Elements : This book is a good book for young readers. It is predictable, and the plot is not hard to follow. The pictures are colorful, and the ending is satisfying. There are not too many words on each page, so it does not overwhelm readers. Consideration of Instructional Application : This book could be used in the classroom when the students are learning about rhyming. The words are not too hard for young students, and they do not have to analyze too deeply into the words to understand the meaning that the writer is trying to get across.

The children will not only love the pictures, but they will be happy when the cat finds his home. Also, this book could be used when students are talking about their homes.

When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat READ ALOUD!

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Scat, Cat! (My First I Can Read!)

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