Caporal Dick (Mémoires du XXe siècle) (French Edition)

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New scabbard, same as type used during first empire that continued to be used for first production of this sabre Very low price for something near years old. Total length 85 cm, blade 70 cm. Nombreuses illustrations en couleurs et en noir et blanc, dans le texte. Avec Jaquette. Made exactly as Picot embroiderer made them 2 centuries ago, we have the original book of "Maison Picot" who made most of more precious embroideries during empire period.

Indicated price is for cloak only. This order was made especially for the pleasure of recreating these beautiful items, showing the splendours of the Empire!

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The Emperor's cloak was recreated from preliminary works we received and from paintings by David, Ingres, etc. The embroidery was hand-made, with golden thread on red velvet, only the "N" are made of silver thread. It is lined with flecked white fur it's fake fur, but of a great quality. Golden buttons, available in 2 sizes, 16 and 24 mm. Chiselling is not at top level Ouvrage de Christian d'Inval. Editions Copernic This is the only jacket in our exhibition "L'Empire par le costume" that we have not done completely, even if we improved it with embroidered buttons, longer sleeves We are bored to repeat to all visitors that it is not our production It is not embroidered, but made with golden braid applied on red velvet.

Jean-François Morot-Gaudry

Chest size: cm. A bit teared on lining. Lion on front is a symbol of power, arms trophy is a symbol of victory. Total length 94 cm, blade 81 cm, engraved blade. Global good condition New scabbard to use in re enactment. Belonged to Christian Colmont some years ago. Old drum 40 cm diam, 39 cm high painted some decades ago in national colours. Baldic is old and back is stamped, sides are sewed for guard, probably from second Empire, there is a brass grenade on scarlet melton in front of it We showed it in our 2 last exhibitions At the end of Empire, soldiers were sent back home and paid half of what they received when they were soldiers demi solde.

They liked to show that they still loved the emperor and used to sew at least one button of this type on their jackets.

14838 songs found in English or French

Diameter 25 mm, cupper slightly silverplated. Made from an old fireman helmet, we added a newmade dragoon crest on it and old fur. White horsehair as indicated in regulation for cornet. Bocettes not at regulation type, but it happens, and chinscales were sometimes absent, before empire and at the end of it;. For an adjustable head size between 59 and 60 cm.

Magnifiques illustrations couleur de l'auteur sur les uniformes de la cavalerie du 1er empire. Very interesting and nice book, pages, collecting paintings of Napoleon era, from Bonaparte to Sainte helene. Very good condition, except angles of casket. Caution, this colour is rarely used during Empire period, what you think as being black is often very dark marine imperial blue. Many stamps, perfect condition. Can be used for shooting, but cleaning rode is lost, sold with flint. Weight gr, length 34 cm. A highly prized headdress during the Empire period by some officers, it comes from a traditional Polish headdress.

We replicated a headdress stored at the Bern Museum : it is De Watteville's, an officer from a Swiss regiment in the service of the King of Prussia, made a prisoner in Iena, he defected to the Emperor's service. He would die during the Russian campaign. Most prized sabre of carabineer, used almost during all Empire period. Very flat and plain blade, with no engravings, as it was on these sabres. Pommel and handle are same as for heavy cavalry.

Cotton and linen shirt. The shape of this shirt is not quite Empire but the fabric and the collar suit quite well if you want to wear it under a jacket. Made in our atelier with old silver braid. Price includes: "habit veste" chest cm , waistcoat. Regulation type infantry sabre.

Gold on handle in excellent condition. Total length: 86 cm, blade 72 cm. Weigth gr. Began to be used only 6 years after end of 1 st Empire. We sell ribbon alone. Fits also for "Order of the Saint Esprit". Gold embroideries 6 cm large, instead of 8 for field marshalls.

Button is functionnal. Total length 93 cm, blade 80 cm. No scabbard, good condition except swordknot very oxydized. Good handle years old New scabbard to allow use in re eenactment, it explains low price. Blade deeply cleaned, except on 2 extremities.

Remembering the Occupation in French Film | SpringerLink

Length 84 cm. Made in France some years ago. You can choose leather colour, with or without brais on borders. Length must be measured ath level of navel, where belts were used during first empire. Blade with 3 stamps and back engraved "Manuf Rle du Klingenthal mars ". New scabbard to use in re enactments.

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Total length 73 cm, blade 59 cm. Stamped brass plate. There is nothing on back to use it as belt buckle, and brass is very thin, you have to adapt it if you want to use it as buckle.

Buttons "25" silver aspect. Army 's. Less curved that buttons usually used by French army during Empire era They had a child together and she visited him even after the Empire fall, in Elba, while Marie Louise was in love with another man. We can do almost any type of this accessory. Just precise your choice. Colour of melton and type of braid Baton for guard, "soubise" for others, but also colour : silver, gold, yellow, red Delivery time: 2 months. Copy made for movie and theater. Not embroidered but added on a very nice and old velvet.

We can sell ribbon alone. The trousers stop just under the knee. Several type of fabric are available : Strong white cotton Wool color of your choice , in this case the trousers are linen with cotton Looking like suede leather can be washed, need no ironing, very strong. Only yellow subject to availability is now on stock till we finish it supplier closed. Plus de illustrations en noir et blanc et en couleur.

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