How to Get on Google’s First page FAST: Secrets They Wont Tell You

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  1. 10 SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Rankings
  2. How Long For A New Website To Appear On Google? - Mark Brinker
  3. Organic CTR Spikes At Position #5… And Again At Position #3

But when we got this infographic in front of the right people, they were happy to embed it on their blog. In fact, WordPress reports that 70 million new posts come out every month. The takeaway here is that, if you want people to link to your site, you need to actively promote your content. This video will show you the 9 link building strategies that are working best for me right now. To use this strategy, first install the CheckMyLinks Chrome extension.

Also, I recently published a post on [topic]. It might make a nice replacement for the dead link. This was published on another site in my niche search engine optimization. So a big check mark there. And it was one of maybe two guest posts that I published that much. For example, I have a resource page designed to help people quickly learn SEO.

Rankings are great and all.

10 SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Rankings

First, organic CTR. And if you can double your organic click-through-rate, you just doubled your traffic from that keyword. In short: tracking your Google rankings has its place. But the gold standard of SEO tracking is organic traffic. This is a question that people gloss over. There are a million and one ways to track this.

But my favorite is the Goals feature in Google Analytics. Use internal linking. The worst thing that could happen is for people to start reporting your website just because you forgot to include your phone number, email address, and location. Take a look at the components of the Google ranking algorithm:. If you go overboard saturating your website with keywords, Google will pick up on this, and it will have an adverse effect on your ranking.

You should also use long-tail keywords, which are three or four word phrases that could be found in a search. If your keywords match their search, your website will have a greater chance of getting ranked higher. When it comes to writing titles for search engines, the first thing you have to know is this… you only have 65 characters to write your headline. This is what you will see:. Fortunately, the most important part of the headline is saved, but the rest is cut off. So keep it short. How might you change this title tag to optimize it further?

Change or Perish. Google has made this easy by giving you tips on how to create good descriptions. Here are the two most important:. How exactly can an app boost your SEO? Google is now indexing apps on Google search with Firebase App Indexing. When people are searching for keywords in your niche, they could find your app, and that creates some juicy SEO.

How Long For A New Website To Appear On Google? - Mark Brinker

But back to the main point—you can see the benefits of having a high-ranking app on Google. Although latent semantic indexing LSI is very powerful, not very many sites are using it.

LSI is the process search engines use to find related keywords in addition to your main keywords. In other words, LSI finds synonyms for keywords. In this case, if your site has excess code, search engines will take longer to crawl your site, which is bad.

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Your code should be as lightweight as possible. This will also help your page load time, and a faster load time means better SEO. People are hungry for knowledge. Answers and Quora. Infographics pack a huge SEO punch. At Kissmetrics, we used infographics to generate over 2 million visitors and 41, backlinks.

And our infographic strategy is still flourishing:. For your infographics to be super powerful, you need two things: great design and great content. Lots of people do, and guess what? I also recommend coupling your infographic with at least 2, words of high-quality content.

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  5. So, how successful was this concept? Not too bad for one infographic. When I started out in the SEO world, I would manually build links, and it would take me months, if not years, to see good increases in rankings because my sites lacked links from authority sites. But one day, I launched a site in the podcast space, and it got covered by sites like TechCrunch.

    Within weeks of the coverage, the site started to rank on page 1 for competitive terms in the podcast space. It was then that I realized the power of press. From then on, I always got press for each of my companies, which helped them rank higher and faster. So, how do you get press? A simple way is to pay a PR agency like PR Serve , who has a performance-based pay model, allowing you to pay it only when it gets you press.

    A cheaper way to get press is to build relationships with reporters. By continually helping them out with their stories and giving them feedback, you will increase your chances of them eventually being interested in covering your company. Or, if you want to go for the cold approach, which is harder but still works, you can always follow this PR email pitch template.

    Every time someone interviews you, chances are they will link to your website. The links will be fairly relevant too as the linking web page will typically talk about your story or what your company does.

    During the early days of my entrepreneurial career, I would continually email two to four bloggers a day who interviewed other people in my space to ask them if they wanted to interview me. Most of them ignored my email or said no, but then I quickly learned that if I emailed them with feedback on their other interviews, they were more likely to agree to interview me. For example, if Mixergy did an interview with your competitor, you could email them with your feedback on the interview.

    You could tell them that the interview was great but also highlight the points with which you disagreed.

    Organic CTR Spikes At Position #5… And Again At Position #3

    You would then end the email by asking if they want you to come on the show for an interview. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs that are willing to link to you if you make a good case. One related niche is home buying and owning, which has a different audience from your typical home decor enthusiasts. You could write about how home decor could add value to your home. In fact, that turns out to be a good long-tail phrase:.

    Start by thinking of as many related niches as you can, then generate as many ways as possible to add value to those niches. Brian Dean did a great case study of this exact idea. However, he created a high quality infographic on an interesting topic: how bugs can help you defeat garden pests. That infographic got picked up by a few prominent blogs:. And you can do this in every niche by focusing on exciting benefits and surprises instead of the boring parts.