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MCs: a single dad who finds himself raising his biological kids after his best friend, to whom he donated sperm, dies and a young man who just finished his degree in early childhood education and is looking for a nannying job. Rep: black MCs. MCs: an assistant bank manager with social anxiety disorder and an Indiana farm boy.

Rep: MC with social anxiety.

Gay literature

MCs: an immortal EMT who feeds on the souls of those he loves and an artist whom he stops from attempting suicide. Rep: black MC, bisexual MC. Rep: Southeast Asian MC. MCs: a quiet and reclusive fisherman and a merman who washes up injured on the beach near his cabin. Rep: Korean MC. MCs: two Mexican-American teenage boys coming of age in s Texas. Rep: Latinx MCs. MCs: a teenage boy from the South Bronx and his childhood best friend, whom he distanced himself from when folks around the neighborhood started teasing him for being gay.

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Listen Shop Insiders. Supporting men in recognizing when sexual violence has occurred is a critical first step in better addressing the needs of this overlooked population. The barriers to help-seeking identified in this and other studies may be addressed, although resources are needed to support organizations, which may be more accustomed to supporting women, in this goal. Integrating an intersectional approach in existing organizations is needed; supporting the development of new organizations may also be critical to addressing the needs of this population.

The search for a date in Pune to has never been so easy.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the study participants who gave their time and effort to this study. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Am J Mens Health. Published online Nov Mosley , 1 Edward T. Perez , 1 Shibin G. Mathews , 1 Rob Stephenson , 6 and Victoria Frye 1. Marcus P. Edward T. Shibin G. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Email: ude. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Research on sexual violence and related support services access has mainly focused on female victims; there is still a remarkable lack of research on men who experience sexual violence.

Methods Study Procedures The research team used both print and on-line media outlets to recruit eligible participants; in an effort to recruit robust numbers of straight and gay, cisgender and transgender men, the team also placed a single ad on a geospatial social networking site popular with gay men and on another general, marketplace website where researchers often recruit study participants. Results Eligibility Survey Our brief eligibility survey was completed by individuals. Table 1.

Open in a separate window. In-Depth Interview and Focus Group Samples Of the 19 in-depth interview participants, the average age was 32, with the youngest participant being 21 and the oldest Table 2. Thematic Analysis Results Here the researchers focus on three primary, emergent themes from the interviews and focus groups: a how sexual experiences are defined as sexual violence; b barriers to accessing sexual violence support services; and c experiences with sexual violence support services.

Defining Experiences as Sexual Violence Victimization Several interview participants described the process of recognizing a sexual experience as one that constituted, or could be identified or labeled as, sexual violence or coercion. One participant said: I think that defining crossing lines with gay men sometimes is more difficult in terms of men are taught to be assertive. He said: I think there are definitely complexities within how gay men interact with each other sexually that differ from how men overall interact with their partners.

Cost, insurance, and scheduling issues Almost half of the participants from both the interviews and the groups identified cost as one of the biggest barriers to seeking services. Experiences with Support Services General support services Just two participants reported seeking services specifically around sexual violence experience. Sexual violence support services Just 2 out of 19 interviewees stated that they had sought help related specifically to a sexual violence experiences.

Cross-Cutting Theme: Intersectionality and Help-Seeking One theme cut across both the interviews and the focus group discussions and thus merits special focus: how existing at the intersection of multiple stigmatized identities influences recognizing and support-seeking around sexual violence.

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Discussion In this exploratory study, high prevalences of both lifetime and past year experiences of sexual violence were reported by participants who self-identified as male. Limitations This study has several limitations. Conclusions The current study adds to the understanding of how cisgender and transgender men conceptualize and seek help related to sexual violence experiences. Acknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the study participants who gave their time and effort to this study.

References Braun V. Journal of Homosexuality , 56 3 , — Prevalence and characteristics of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence victimization—National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, United States, Interpersonal trauma and discriminatory events as predictors of suicidal and nonsuicidal self-injury in gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons.

Traumatology , 17 2 , 75— Associations between intimate partner violence and health among men who have sex with men: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PLoS medicine , 11 3 , e Male victims of sexual assault: Phenomenology, psychology, physiology. Examining the relationship between male rape myth acceptance, female rape myth acceptance, victim blame, homophobia, gender roles, and ambivalent sexism.

Journal of Interpersonal Violence , 27 14 , — A comparative study of long-term psychological functioning in male survivors of stranger and acquaintance rape. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research , 2 4 , 25— Journal of Interpersonal Violence , 28 13 , — Adult sexual assault: Prevalence, symptomatology, and sex differences in the general population. Journal of Traumatic Stress , 17 3 , — Intimate partner violence among men who have sex with men: a systematic review.

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An overview of the literature on female-perpetrated adult male sexual victimization. Aggression and Violent Behavior , 18 1 , 54— Perceptions of informal and formal coping strategies for intimate partner violence among gay and bisexual men. Male rape and the careful construction of the male victim. Injustice at every turn: A report of the national transgender discrimination survey. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine , 5 5 , — International Quarterly of Community Health Education , 32 4 , — Nearly 3. Circumstances surrounding male sexual assault and rape: findings from the national violence against women survey.

Journal of Interpersonal Violence , 24 11 , — Gender violence: transgender experiences with violence and discrimination. Journal of Homosexuality , 42 1 , 89— The unheard victims. Psychologist , 28 2 , — The scope of male rape: a selective review of research, policy and practice. Aggression and Violent Behavior , 35 , 38— Qualitative data analysis: An expanded sourcebook. Male sexual assault and rape: who seeks counseling? Sex Abuse , 22 3 , — Non-volitional sex and HIV-related sexual risk behaviors among men who have sex with men in the United States.

Pesola G. Emergency department characteristics of male sexual assault. Academic Emergency Medicine , 6 8 , — Prevalence and consequences of adult sexual assault of men: Review of empirical findings and state of the literature. Clinical Psychology Review , 31 1 , 1— Gender differences in rape reporting. Sex Roles , 40 11 , — The prevalence of sexual assault against people who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual in the United States: A systematic review.

Barriers to reporting sexual assault for women and men: Perspectives of college students. Journal of American College Health , 55 3 , — Violence against transgender people: A review of United States data. Aggression and Violent Behavior , 14 3 , — During my interview with Elijah, he suggested that the absence of a father figure in his life could be a reason for his interest in older guys.

Male Seeking Male by Mason Lee

When I asked Scott about his relationship with his dad, he said that they didn't speak for four years when he was a teenager, and are still patching things up. Alex Borovoy, a Toronto-based psychotherapist who works with LGBT and straight couples and singles, agrees that this attraction can be magnified by a lack of a paternal presence, but wouldn't prescribe such a sweeping hypothesis to every gay sugar relationship. Borovoy also looks at the daddy's side of things when it comes to a possible lack of a father in his life.

This factor recurred multiple times in my conversations with male sugar babies, and though it's impossible to generalize an entire community, the idea does seem to carry some weight. Barry, a midtown Toronto man who prefers to leave out his last name, has wanted to find a sugar daddy for many years. While he is currently in a long-term relationship with a woman, he is attracted to the idea of having an older man call the shots and pamper him.

He too brought up his relationship with his dad. I should also mention that Barry is 55 years old. When I contacted him through a gay sugar daddy page on Facebook, I naively assumed he was a sugar daddy. But male sugar babies can range widely in age, and after having been with older men in the past, Barry is interested in having a sugar daddy—if he manages to leave his current partner. He's not worried about any daddy drawbacks. When Scott and I had our last interview on his 29th birthday he seemed genuinely happy.

These days he's single and active on Seeking Arrangement. A couple of months ago he met an older gentleman at a seminar who brought up possibly helping him with his tuition debt.

20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys

Sitting across from him inside Yorkville's Hazelton Lanes, one of Toronto's most high-end shopping areas and Scott's choice of location, I noticed his hair was long and he was wearing running shoes. If he were still with Peter, that would have been a no-no. He arrived 20 minutes late, and while I wasn't exactly peeved, a sugar daddy would've rubbed two fingers at him. Almost in harmony with my internal observations, Scott admitted that he does keep an eye on the dangers of sugar dating.