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Originally, he hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts where he and the rest of his family stayed for the majority of his life. He learned how to shoot a bow and arrow at around the age of 5. One day when his family visited their uncle Edward in Chicago, Noel stopped and picked up two strangers in the rain. For two years, Tsuji and Rowena trained under their father to prepare for their enrollment in Death Weapon Meister Academy. He is introduced as a year-old freshman and is a Bow Meister.

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She comes from Cambridge, Massachusetts where she and the rest of her family stayed for the majority of her life. One day when her family visited their uncle Edward in Chicago, Noel stopped and picked up two strangers in the rain. For two years, Rowena and Tsuji trained under their father to prepare for their enrollment in Death Weapon Meister Academy. She is introduced as a year-old freshman and is a Sledgehammer Meister. Marcellus Ardsen was born into a powerful gang known as the Chicago Underground Association, better known as the Chicago Gang.

In fact, he is the son of the current don, Portis Ardsen, who is married to Morgan Ardsen. Marcellus became increasingly disillusioned, culminating in intense dislike for the underground world. Unfortunately, he become too aware of his surroundings and was too afraid to actually do anything about his situation. However, at age 15, he meets a young girl named Nayumi and finally escapes Chicago, ultimately allowing them to meet the Ricardsens. Former names: Nayumi Henrietta, Nayumi Ardsen. Nayumi was born in Quebec, Canada.

However, her family was semi-nomadic because her parents were infamous jewel thieves who performed heist and heist. However, this led to Nayumi almost breaking, becoming increasingly nihilistic due to their lack of care for her. One day, when she was 12, the Canadian police stopped and arrested her parents near the border, but she managed to escape on a boat and get into America. She met Marcellus in Chicago and ultimately convinced him to leave after a heartfelt conversation. Their efforts eventually paid off, resulting them in meeting the Ricardsens.

In the Introduction Arc, now leagues more cheerful and happier than in Saeculum , Nayumi debuts as a year-old Demon Sledgehammer. Just like with Claudia, the author does not own Klemens but rather someone named Abysmai on DeviantArt. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Badass Crew : You better believe it. Combination Attack : A whole arc is centered around pairs learning a Joint Resonance to create this.

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Crona and Ox: Heaven Piercing Roar. Kim and Tsuji: St. Locked Out of the Loop : Until Cobra Island, the non-canon class members were unaware that Medusa and Kim were witches, among a few other things. Maka, Klemens, and Kilik are the relatively normal ones. The Team : The Leader : Maka. The Lancer : Caius and Soul. Supporting Leader : Kid. The Chick : Kim, Claudia, and Liz. The Heart : Tsubaki.

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Plucky Comic Relief : Tsuji and Rowena. Team Chef : Crona. The Ditz : Patty. Tagalong Kid : The Pot Twins. Token Nonhuman : Kid and Kim. Wacky Homeroom : Since you have read Ragtag Bunch of Misfits , now factor in the presence of an eccentric Mad Scientist and imagine the kind of stuff goes on with all those characters in one room. The fear of failure, fear of hopelessness, of the unknown. You can always find something to keep hope about! Even out of nothing! Maka : kills him Here I am.

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Cancer : You know absolutely nothing, child, and you certainly have not the means to fight me. Maka : Screw you.

Maka Albarn

Cancer : —If you live long enough, you shall see it sooner or later, even if I must be the one to teach you that. Maka : You know nothing about the world! Surprisingly, he shows no resentment toward the Academy for killing his parents and clansmen, as he believes they deserved every bit of it. And of course he wants to surpass God or the gods. He also participates in the Swordsmanship Club and Basketball.

What Angst? He says the Star Clan deserved what they got, and he resolves to not follow their footsteps. This may reflect Character Development. He dared her to show herself so he could teach her a thing or too. Big Ego, Hidden Depths : Ohh, boy.

The Big Guy : Shares this role with Rowena. Brought Down to Normal : In the Cobra Island Arc, he loses his pride, meaning he loses the will to exert himself and keep going. It might be a case of Early Installment Weirdness. Charles Atlas Superpower : His immense strength, stamina, and speed comes from being practically obsessed with training and getting stronger. He was fully prepared to complete the puzzle by himself once Rowena loses her strength. Keep in mind that the puzzle is huge, full of long paths, divided into sections, and requires placing two huge boulders in different locations.

Worthy Opponent : He considers Noel one. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa The Shadow Weapon, a Demon Weapon capable of transforming into multiple types of weapons instead of just one.

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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa descends from the Nakatsukasa Clan, a family of Demon Weapons famous for the aforesaid ability. However, her gift led to a brutal sibling problem with her older brother, Masamune, that she has since resolved. According to Act 1 Chapter 22, she is 16, going on She is a One-Star Demon Weapon.